The Three Golden Rules to Cashback Success

In the mobile phone world, cashback allows you to benefit from the best value for money contracts. Your savings can range from anything between £50 up to £300+ in the best deals.

Many of the best 'free line rental' deals require you to claim your money back using this process. It is a must that you do your part. This page will guide you so that you stay organised, and get ALL your money back.

If you have found the deal you want, or signed up to it - make sure you read this. It will only take you around 20 minutes to read and do what it says!

Golden Rule Number One - Read the terms and conditions

It is not possible to stress this enough. You must do your homework.

Although the general principle for cashback is similar with every retailer, there are differences which can be found in their instructions. Most instructions only take a few minutes to read, so print them off, because you will need them.

The terms and conditions are always easily accessible on the website and are not complicated. You must know exactly when to claim cashback, how many times and how you need to claim. Make a note of all three.

Golden Rule Number Two - Make sure you have what you should have

This is in direct reference to the 'how you need to claim' part in the last Rule. By now you should know exactly what you need to send-off when claiming. If the retailer will send you the cashback forms, make sure they arrive! If the retailer suggests you print them off, do that now, and make sure you print a few extra copies.

If there is anything else you should have, then check up. If anything is missing, contact their customer service immediately. Of course your bills will arrive in due time, so do not worry about them.

Golden Rule Number Three - Do the practical bits

Ok, so by now you should know the following:

  • How often you need to claim cashback
  • When you need to claim (the dates)
  • What you need to send off
Now you need to focus on each of the above individually to make sure you do the practical bits that will make your job easier!

For the first two bullet points, you should have written specific dates that you will need to claim your cashback. This is where a lot of people go wrong. Over the 12/18 months they forget. You will not be one of them.

- Set Reminders

You can use a standard calendar you may have in your house to do this. Personally I prefer being prompted directly, and there are two options recommended.

1. Use your new mobile phone - Simply set reminders with an alarm using the calendar on your phone. This is what I personally do. You will either get a vibration or a sound depending on your settings. Make sure you make notes when marking the event, for example, 'cashback claim reminder', so you know exactly what it means in a few months time.

2. Use an online calender reminder - One that I highly recommend is Google Calender. It is free to use, and allows you to set reminders. To benefit the most, you must select to receive SMS or e-mail reminders, or in fact both. This means that when the date occurs, you will personally receive an sms or email. Great.

To access this feature, simply go to:

The last bullet point requires a bit of easy work...

- Organise your envelopes

This is a major time-saver. You must do the organisation part now to save time and energy later when you need to claim.

1. Prepare the envelopes - This means writing the address, filling the cashback forms inside and anything else you may need to do for each claim. For example, have an envelope prepared for each claim, such as 6, 8, 10, 12 months. The only thing you should have to do when you get the reminder, is to put the last bill in and take it down to the post office!

2. Put everything in one folder - Once you have made the envelopes which should not take long since you know exactly what to do, put them in a safe folder, somewhere you can remember. Also collect your bills each month and put them into the same folder. This makes everything easier to remember.

The last part is easy. Combine the two. When you get the reminder, go to the folder, find the correct envelope and put the last bill you have received.

Then simply send off and wait for your money to arrive! Recorded delivery is recommended since it provides proof.

This is the same procedure I follow to benefit from the deals and I never miss a claim. If you follow the three rules you will get ALL your money back. Organisation is the key. Print this off if you need to.

If you have not found yourself a deal, then what are you waiting for? Go to our Mobile Phone Search and find yourself a great contract!