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FreeContractPhones.com is not a retailer and does not sell mobile phones or mobile phone contracts. We provide general information on mobile phone contracts available using information that we have gathered from the retailers, and using third party comparison services,  who have also gathered the information. We make every effort we can to ensure that the information provided regarding the mobile phone contracts is accurate.

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In regards to deals that offer free line rental and free gifts, we merely offer guidance as to how a visitor can benefit. Such guidance does not constitute advice for any particular deal that is accepted by the visitor and we shall not be liable for any mistakes made by a visitor who failed to benefit from the deals. It is the responsibility of any visitor to read the terms and conditions of the particular retailer as well as other relevant information provided by them, before accepting any deal. 

Furthermore, you accept that the retailer is solely responsible for any offer we link to, including any deal that gives free line rental in the form of cashback and/or a free gift. We expressly exlude liability for any retailer that fails to deliver a free gift or fails to give cashback.

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